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Every woman houses a man within her, and every man holds the essence of a woman.

Can you see the man within the woman? This artwork presents a liberated interpretation of the renowned my wife and my mother-in-law. Just as the young woman and the mother-in-law coexist within the same image, so do the diverse aspects of our own identities intertwine within us. We are not solely defined by one singular perception, but rather a tapestry of intricacies waiting to be unlocked.

Instead of the mother-in-law, a man emerges. He carries a touch of gruffness, yet exudes unwavering strength. His presence commands attention. Conversely, the woman embodies the qualities of a heroine, an elegant figure poised for action.
The essence of this concept is always braid with the notion that what you see is what it is. Is the WIB weak? No, I would not say so. But is it a woman? or Is it a man? 

About this artwork: This aesthetic experience invites us to reflect on the ever-shifting nature of our perceptions. The Gestalt Flip challenges our instinctive tendency to perceive the world in fixed and immutable terms. It reminds us that reality is not an objective given, but rather a subjective construct influenced by our mental processes and conditioning. Read more here

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