Mafresse's Artwork

Mafresse's Artwork

Welcome to Mafresse, our artistic space where art flows instinctively. In a world defined by constantly evolving norms, we seek to dismantle mental models through our storytelling. Each piece is a statement with a specific underlying thought that remains open to interpretation. We believe in presenting our perspective, without any bias.

We reject the notion of labeling art or the thoughts it provokes. Our focus encompasses themes of fluidity, age, ethnicity, gender and sexuality. We aim to address these matters, fostering an inclusive dialogue that invites diverse perspectives.

The artworks of Mafresse invite us to experience the intersection of ourselves, to embrace the multiple faces that reside within us. The fluidity of thoughts, genders, emotions, personalities and roles, is the red thread of their artistic composition, reaffirming that one's true self cannot be confined to a single label.

We acknowledge that even we, as artists, possess biases. Therefore, we make a conscious effort to interpret without prejudice. We choose not to disclose our identities, as we wish to avoid any biases in the minds of those who experience our work, stimulating conversations that challenge the status quo.

Mafresse, researches, experiments and in its own way and through its art, seeks to interpret the different facets, the different essences that we are and reside in each of us; and so the different works are born.

Welcome to our world of artistic exploration and transformation, where one is free to be and to feel, as we desire.